Objectives of the training
Target population
Teaching methods
Continuing education on the different aspects of industrial property: patents, trademarks, creation rights, internet, biotechnologies, etc…
The training is designed to allow learners to acquire or upgrade knowledge on the subject of industrial property.

Engineers and technicians from the industrial property departments of companies, industrial property rights consultants and lawyers, and industrial and intellectual property rights agencies ;

Legal advisors and assistants from the industrial property departments of companies, industrial property consultants and lawyers and industrial property agencies ;

Personnel from the administration (magistrature, customs, police, etc…); commercial staff from companies; corporate strategy advisors.

The cycle comprises 10 modules of 1 to 3 days designed to provide practical training in industrial property law.
The different modules include presentations, analyses of case studies and experience-sharing.

For each module, the trainers are chosen on the basis of their recognised expertise in the field of the protection and defence of patents, trademarks, designs and models, new technologies, internet, etc…
They are university professors, members of industrial property offices, industrial property consultants, lawyers specialising in industrial property, industrial property specialists from the corporate world and industrial property specialists.
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